Accelerate your business outcomes by changing the conversation

Leverage the power of storytelling to grow your business.

Customer Growth

Equip your team for the changing conversations that lead to acquisition, retention & growth.

Connected Employees

Build a workplace where employees are aligned and empowered to deliver value.

Organizational Agility

Inspire your team around transformational projects and changing client demands.

The Challenges

If you could improve your team’s performance in these key areas, what difference would it make to your bottom line?

Struggling to articulate value

Sales, services, and customer success teams talk at length about their products, features & processes. Customers are uninspired and uninterested. No value, no connection.

Failure to understand customers

Limited time should not lead to limited understanding of customers. Missing critical insights leads to bad customer experience.

Missing revenue opportunities

Today, revenue is a cross-team sport – many are not equipped and fail to identify opportunities to gain or retain business.

Dissatisfied customers

When teams do not communicate well, projects deteriorate, expectations are missed, and reduced customer satisfaction leads to churn.

Cross-team collaboration is harder today

Teams are more distributed, distracted, and disconnected than ever. Ensuring they work together to serve customers and accomplish goals is essential.

Poor results from strategic initiatives

Strategic initiatives are difficult to execute and require stakeholder alignment. Leadership misalignment, resistance to change, and inaction reduce efficiency and derail outcomes.

Our Clients

The Results

Empower your team to perform where it matters.

Increased Revenue & Margin

Teams learn to have value conversations, connect with customers and close more opportunities.

Improved customer experience & lifetime value

Teams that understand and connect better with customers increase NPS and grow customer lifetime value.

Valued employees that are productive and retained

Connected, grateful, and valued employees get more done efficiently and stay longer.

Employee collaboration & connection

Great teamwork comes from clear and effective communication. Curiosity and storytelling change the conversation & fuel the right actions.

Less friction & faster execution

Connecting with others and gaining deeper understanding develops authentic relationships and increases trust & speed.

Services teams become revenue teams

Services organizations are in a unique position to uncover revenue potential but are uncomfortable with these conversations. We help them make this shift.

What Clients Say

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John Geraci

Founder & Managing Partner

John had over 40 years of executive leadership before becoming the Founder and CEO of Ci2 Advisors. His prior experiences includes: President at Information Associates, President at BlessingWhite (now GP Strategies), Partner at The Complex Sale, Executive VP at Advent Software, and Managing Partner at Unlimited Connections Consulting. John has also served on the boards of companies like ASM International, TraderTools, and FolioDynamix, as well as being an Advisor to the CEO at SCRA.

When John reflects on his time in executive level leadership, he realizes that effective communication was the leading factor in determining success or failure for business objectives. As the world of work began to change, John knew that communication would be even more difficult to convey effectively, and being about to connect with, understand, and inspire customers would be harder to do than ever – that is why he founded Ci2 Advisors. His passion for this work stems from his belief that when customers feel heard and understood, amazing things can happen within your customer relationships and overall business performance.