Programs & Services

Our integrated TrueConnect approach combines live educational sessions, practical exercises and real-world application to upgrade your team’s performance in the conversations that matter most. Your team learns to use perceptive questions and powerful specialized stories to create relationships where customers and teams share openly and are more receptive to new ideas. Authentic communication reduces friction, increases collaboration, and allows teams and leaders to drive more value for your customers and more revenue for your business.

Assessments & Consulting

Identify & address the communication barriers that impact your organizational performance.

Group Learning

Your team masters a framework for critical conversations to drive productivity & business performance.


Individual & leadership support to operationalize your engagement for success.

Story Development

Develop compelling stories that engage and inspire employees, customers and prospects.

Story Mastery

Advanced sessions designed to deepen your team's proficiency in specific storytelling skills.

Executive & Leadership

Coaching & consulting to foster cross-team collaboration, reduce friction, and drive growth.

Our assessments are designed to help you understand and correct the factors impeding your team’s productivity. We assess and outline baseline performance, the negative business impacts on time, cost, and revenue, and recommendations for a plan of action.
Our workshops combine live educational sessions, practical exercises, and real-world application to create an optimal space for learning and retention. These sessions are tailored to your company’s business outcomes, workflow, and critical relationships.
In our coaching sessions, we work with individuals and managers to practice and apply workshop concepts to specific client situations. Simple reinforcement and management cadence can accelerate the achievement of business results.

These are short engagements in which we co-create specific stories that have immediate impact on your business. We work with your team to gather the story details, then build compelling stories your team can use internally or with customers. Below are a few examples of Stories we help our clients develop:

  • Customer Success Stories
  • Product Stories  
  • The Company Story  
  • Why Change Stories
  • Lessons Learned Stories
Our Story Mastery program consists of advanced group learning sessions for more complex situations and conversations. We help your team build, practice, and deliver these stories for specific business outcomes.
Our executive consulting helps senior executives accelerate results by improving their individual leadership and team effectiveness. We identify gaps in leadership performance and design a plan to reduce friction and drive growth.

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John Geraci

Founder & Managing Partner

John had over 40 years of executive leadership before becoming the Founder and CEO of Ci2 Advisors. His prior experiences includes: President at Information Associates, President at BlessingWhite (now GP Strategies), Partner at The Complex Sale, Executive VP at Advent Software, and Managing Partner at Unlimited Connections Consulting. John has also served on the boards of companies like ASM International, TraderTools, and FolioDynamix, as well as being an Advisor to the CEO at SCRA.

When John reflects on his time in executive level leadership, he realizes that effective communication was the leading factor in determining success or failure for business objectives. As the world of work began to change, John knew that communication would be even more difficult to convey effectively, and being about to connect with, understand, and inspire customers would be harder to do than ever – that is why he founded Ci2 Advisors. His passion for this work stems from his belief that when customers feel heard and understood, amazing things can happen within your customer relationships and overall business performance.